Baritainer IBC Totes

  • QUORAL based intermediate Bulk Containers can be used to safely transport solvent-based products such as household chemicals, industrial chemicals, cleaning solvents, adhesives, wood preservatives, automotive additives and agricultural chemicals as well as foodstuffs such as flavors, edible and essential oils.
  • The Baritainer fluted bottle design enables the actual capacity to be 5-gallons over the stated capacity
  • Baritainer IBC has a pallet and cage that uses advanced welding/bonding technology in every critical joint of the assembly
  • Equipped with a standard ball valve built for repeated use and a one-way check valve
  • 275 and 330 gallon QUORAL IBCs available with Earth grounding wire
  • Material Specifications: QUORAL BR50 5% and 95% HMW HDPE with environmental stress crack and aggressive chemical resistance. UV Stabilizers added
  • Cost Effective
  • Replaces Coex Multilayer
  • Replaces Flourinated
  • UN Classification Y Rated